Dr. Halina Montano offers treatments to tackle lines and wrinkles in your skin’s appearance that can develop as you age. Our qualified dental team has a selection of treatments to help combat wrinkles and frown lines. We will meet with you to evaluate how your skin currently looks and listen to any of your concerns during a consultation before our dentist and team schedule a time for treatment.

Why should you visit us for anti-aging treatment?

We understand the thought of seeing a dentist for these types of treatments can seem a bit odd. But if you really think about it, our knowledge of facial anatomy plays a big role. You can ask us what the right treatment would be best to match your beautiful smile and facial structure.

What should you expect during a consultation?

Our dental team will check to see if you have a more oily or dry skin type to see what treatments would be best for you. Together, we will create an individualized treatment plan to help get started.

Treatment options to choose from:

Call us today at 561-394-2467 to schedule a consultation with us here at HSM Dental Group and learn more about anti-aging treatment in Boca Raton, Florida.