How to improve your smile

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If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your smile, you’ve came to the right post. A wide smile with two sets of pearly whites, set in rosy pink gums, make any face glow. Here at HSM Dental Group we can make that possible. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Montano, will guide you through the process, within the office, and back at home, where it all starts. For those with beautiful smiles, but just personally aren’t happy with it, we offer a range of treatment plans to accommodate any and everyone’s  aesthetic needs. Upon Selection, you will be showed the result through a dental mockup before starting any dental treatment.

We are specialists in designing and rejuvenating your smile so that others see the best side of you, and your happiness.

“A person’s personality can definitely change when they have the confidence to really smile.”   – Dr. H. Montano

At HSM we know what you need, we design new smiles every day at our central clinic at 900 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL.

But how can you know? With thousands of cases under our belt HSM Dental will be able to provide you with a detailed blueprint of your own personalized treatment plan. Including, finical cost, dental treatment plan, aftercare instructions, maintenance needs, and end goal mooch up photos with explanation attached.

A beautiful smile is much more than a dental cheek, or an orthodontic treatment, a gum lift or a lip filler. It is a set of expressions, it is the personality of your gestures, it is your charisma when speaking. Rejuvenating a smile can be a big change for the better that will affect many areas of life, but it is an important decision and the result should never be uncertain Virtual software such as Invisalign® Clin Check® or implant planning software help us much to transmit the results we seek for you, but also with specific simulations in the mouth we can know how those changes that we will make are going to be seen in your facial structure, expression, and how others and yourself are going to perceive it. We design your smile, you see it through a dental mockup, the tests and together we decide the treatment, without surprises in time or money and of course with the clear result.

A safe bet for your beauty, we design your smile so that your happiness does the rest.

“Put a smile on your face!” Who hasn’t heard that on bad mood days? Without a doubt, a sincere and beautiful smile opens doors and can change your day.

But what do you do when your teeth are not up to your good mood? Do not rush because there is a solution.

Starting with the shade of the teeth.

The shade of the teeth can vary in people, but there are factors that change the natural tone from the inside out, such as the use of antibiotics and excessive intake of fluoride in childhood or trauma to the teeth. There are also external factors, such as cigarettes, coffee and soft drinks, which contribute to the start of stains.

There is another factor that nobody escapes, time: aging also darkens the teeth. Depending on the type of stain or the degree of saturation, there are efficient solutions to whiten teeth, either at home or in the office.

Is it possible to correct the shape of the teeth?

For more serious cases of discoloration, deep stains, enamel failures or irregular format it is possible to apply veneers on the teeth.

They are made of a composite of resin or porcelain and are glued to cover the surface of each of the teeth. Thus the smile becomes homogeneous in color and shape. There are two basic veneering techniques and the dentist is the one who decides which is the most suitable for each patient.

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