Porcelain Veneers: The Solution to damaged teeth

Porcelain veneers. “Foods and drinks that damage our tooth enamel” A balanced and healthy diet will help us maintain the health of our teeth and maintain a perfect smile. HOW CAN WE AVOID DAMAGING THE ENAMEL ON OUR TEETH? With the arrival of good weather, and the holidays, many times we relax so much that we neglect our diet and... read more »

How to remedy bruxism: causes and solutions

How to remedy bruxism is one of the most frequent questions that our patients ask us. Unfortunately, the level of life in which many of us are subjected sometimes causes us some anxiety, stress or sleep disorders. These factors, together with an Abnormal Bite or the absence of some teeth, are the main causes of the appearance of bruxism. Bruxism... read more »

Braces: How to Determine if You Need it

How do you know when you need braces? Do you know? When you look in the mirror at your smile, do you like what you see? Are your teeth straight or crooked? Is your bite comfortable? Do any of your teeth collide when you bite, swallow or chew? Sometimes it is easy to spot signs that you may need orthodontic treatment,... read more »

Ways to Prevent Cavities and Protect Your Teeth

Prevention is the best weapon to avoid any ailment, and oral diseases are no exception. The most common of this type are cavities, where good prevention is vital to avoid suffering from this condition. Fortunately, preventing tooth decay isn’t as much hard work as you think. Dr Halina Montano from HSM Dental shares his  top tips for keeping your teeth cavity... read more »

How to improve your smile

If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your smile, you’ve came to the right post. A wide smile with two sets of pearly whites, set in rosy pink gums, make any face glow. Here at HSM Dental Group we can make that possible. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Montano, will guide you through the process, within the... read more »

Mask Mouth During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Face masks help to protect against the coronavirus, but wearing them can also lead to a stinky side effect. Bad breath and tooth decay are possible when people have on face coverings for long periods of time, dentists told multiple news outlets. That’s because wearers tend to breathe from their mouths, which can lead to dryness, according to experts. “Now... read more »

Is it Safe to Go to a Dental Clinic During Covid-19?

What is it like, Currently going to a dental clinic in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, today we are going to look at the hygiene and prevention measures that are applied in this area of ​​our lives. We want to return to normal, everyday life, but we are concerned about our health and that of our loved ones. Yet... read more »